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Why I grind my own flour instead of buying it...

Whole grains are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and are a true superfood but to maximize the health benefits you must use the flour shortly after it is ground. Within 36 hours of milling grains into flour, over 90% of the vitamins and minerals are oxidized and the oil in the germ become rancid. For this reason, milling your own flour and using it immediately is the very best option to maximize the health benefits of whole grains.

Whole grain seeds or kernels contain over 90% of the nutrition that the body needs for good health. Once the kernel is broken in the milling process, the vitamins begin to oxidize or be depleted by oxygen. The longer the flour is ground before use the less nutrition it contains, which is what makes home milling so advantageous. You can use the fresh flour immediately in your baked goods while the nutrient content is optimal. Nutritional loss is minimal during the baking process and once baked the nutrients are locked into the finished product.

Watch my video is a short discussion about the fresh flour and the nutrition it contains.



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