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Renewed Hope

After years of working alongside clients with multiple health conditions, we understand that most health problems are never caused by just one thing. It is always multiple factors working together over the span of months and sometimes even years that create the problems. However, so often, the only thing treated is the symptoms, but the “why” is rarely addressed. Why did this happen in the first place? What is causing these symptoms to occur? These deeper questions are seldom asked, but they are where the answers to better health lie.


Once you realize that the symptoms (pain, anxiety, weight gain, high blood sugar, cancer) aren’t the problem and you start searching for the “why”, you can find the roots—the problems that are working together to create the symptoms, but discovering the “why” is always the first step, and sometimes it’s not a step you can take on your own.


Everyone’s health story is different because we are unique. What causes Rachel’s anxiety may not be what causes Hannah’s, and the reason Jacob has cancer and Henry does are entirely different. They need different care even though they share common symptoms. It’s kind of like how you have a cough with a cold and bronchitis, but you’d never treat them the same way. The cough is a common symptom, but the "why" behind that symptom is different. The same principle applies to any health concern.


The reason why cookie-cutter medicine approaches are unsuccessful for most people is that the roots of their issues are entirely different, even though the symptoms are similar. Matching medications to symptoms may help navigate issues in the short term but offer no real long-term results. Discovering the root causes of health issues offers the best outcomes for improved health and wellness.


At Renewed Hope we are committed to helping you do more than manage your symptoms; we are here to help you find the root causes, correct them, and see better health bloom.

About Us: Bio

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.



Our Story...

When my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia (CML) in 2017, it felt like our world came crashing down. We weren't sure who to turn to or where to go.

We then decided to pursue natural health alongside his conventional health plan. This was the beginning of our journey. The more I learned about natural health, the more I wanted to know, which led me to pursue my education in that field.

After completing my training, I knew I had to share this information with others. I wanted other people to experience the hope I had found for my family through natural health.

I opened Renewed Hope in 2018 with the intent not to pass out generic information but to help each client unpack their health history and guide them as we discover the beginning of their health problems and work from there forward.

I want to spread hope in the wake of discouragement and let you know that this is not the end of your journey. It is only a new beginning, a place for Renewed Hope!

"For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."

~Owen Arthur~

Hello, I'm Happy...

The founder of Renewed Hope Nutrition Center, mom of 7 beautiful children, and wife of 29 years. I am passionate about nutrition and how what we eat affects our health. I have been grinding flour to make homemade breads for 25+ years, have made butter and cheese from our Jersey cow and goats, and ran a small family farm selling fresh veggies to our local community. (I even owned a whole grain bakery for a time, which was the hardest I ever worked to go So, as you can see, I'm pretty serious about healthy food and nutrition and committed to teaching others.

In 2018 I graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Nutritional Counselor. In 2022 I furthered my education through the Functional Medicine Alliance and am now a Certified Functional Medicine Counselor as well as a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

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What our Clients are Saying

Renewed Hope is wonderful and I highly recommend it. Happy is very knowledgeable about any question I have and has helped me tremendously.

~J. Rose

The amount of information I have learned in my visits with Happy is indescribable. She has helped me and my husband to take our health to a new level. 

~Tammy Davenport

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