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Anna Gardner

When COVID hit, my eating went out of control and my exercising was non-existent. I needed to get back on track but did not just want to start “another diet”. I truly knew that I needed to boost my immune system on top of losing weight. I needed wisdom, guidance and accountability. I was referred to Happy Spurling, CNC CNHP of Renewed Hope Nutritional Services. I made an appointment to go to her office in Murphy, NC, but she also offered virtual options.

I knew immediately I was in the right place! Happy took lots of time getting to know me, my eating woes, my struggles, my medicine/vitamin intake. She gave me a plan that I was excited to start but, most importantly, she gave me hope that I could meet my goals!


Important to note that Happy does not sell weight loss products, all the food that I need for my plan I can find at the regular grocery store except for the protein powder I purchase on Amazon.

I have been faithfully following the plan, exercising, and I have lost 58 pounds. I feel amazing with tons of energy and I cannot wait to see the results in my blood test numbers.

Happy Spurling is kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and truly is in the field to help and encourage people. Her office fees are reasonable and even if they were not, the best investment I could ever make is in my health. She also counsels those who need nutritional guidance who have diabetes, auto immune issues and cancer.  

If this is something you feel you need, do not hesitate to make an appointment, you will wish you did it sooner.

Please follow Mrs. Spurling at Renewed Hope Nutritional Services on Facebook and Healthy with Happy on YouTube.

Happy Spurling has my sincere thanks and gratitude for helping me to reach my health goals (the ones I have succeeded at and the future ones we will work together to accomplish). I am excited for what is to come and I will continue to meet with her to keep myself on track. She is a true blessing!

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Sam Seaman

My honey started seeing Happy Spurling with Renewed Hope to get help with weight loss, healthy eating and boosting her immune system. I started to incorporate some of the eating/exercise habits into my life also. In just over two months I lost 24 pounds and I did not feel like I was “on a diet”.

I am so glad she went to see Happy because all that she taught her I have benefited from also. My honey has lost over 30 pounds since she started her new journey and I not only see changes physically but she smiles a lot more. We both owe it to Happy, while we did follow the plan and do the exercise, we would not have been as successful without her guidance. Do not hesitate to make an appointment, nothing is more important than your health!

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Sam Seaman
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